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  1. Hi Dr Prepper (sorry this message is in English!)


    I work for Bullseye Television, an Independent Production Company in London, and last year we made Preppers UK: Surviving Armageddon for the National Geographic Channel.


    We are now working on a follow up documentary and are looking for European Preppers and Survivalists who are happy to tell us about the issues they believe their country faces and how they have prepared for them.


    I am wondering about the best place to post this call on your site?


    Our experience with the first documentary means that we are aware of the issues facing Preppers and we understand that keeping your personal information safe is key. Under no circumstances will we share preppers details with anyone else and contacting us in the first instance does not mean that person is obliged to take part in the documentary.


    I look forward to hopefully hearing from you.


    Best Wishes,


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