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[Discussie] De meest interessante tool in je survivaltas?


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Possibly the most important tool in your survival bag




Now Im pretty sure I can speak for most people reading this, you have a large amount of information on survival stored in your head and can readily use it. But I guarantee you dont remember EVERYTHING survival minded that you have ever read or seen.That also goes for the rest of the people in your SHTF posse. They may have little to no knowledge regarding what to do in an emergency situation.


You may be saying thats okay if not everyone has uber survival knowledge, because I do and I'll be there. Well there are several reasons that your knowledge may be of no use to the rest of your clan. ie you may be apart from the rest of the members, you may be incapacitated, or worse even dead. Many of you may have already taken the previous 2 paragraphs into consideration and thought about books. Survival book are great to have on hand for many reasons. Anyone that can read the language that it is written in can attain the knowledge. There is little room for error of your memory because you have the info right infront of you. But some of the drawbacks to books are numerous aswell. There are tons of specialized books, Books can be heavy and take up ALOT of vital room in your survival bag. And as we all know every inch and every pound needs to count when your trying to survive.


Well I have found a solution to most if not all of those problems. I present to you the Amazon Kindle. It's light weight and portable. It can store tons of information and books. Almost every single one of your survival books can be found in a PDF format and downloaded on to your Kindle. No longer will you have to decide wether to put your massive feild trauma book in your bag insted of your edible wild fruits book. You can have all the information at hand without taking up ANY extra space in your bag. Now some of you may be saying, yeah that great and all but what about the battery. how are you gonna keep an electronic devise charged in the wilderness. Well, on top of an incredably long battery life (3 months) Kindle thought of that too. Here is a cover for it that incorperates a solar charger with built in night light.




De schrijver heeft zeker een punt.

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Begin nu je eigen moestuin. Bekijk de zadenpakketten Op zoek naar waterfilters, messen, tools of lang houdbaar eten? Ga dan naar!

Preparedness and Survival Collection (443 MB)




A collection of 297 e-books on Preparedness, Survival, Communications, Medical, Fuel And Alternative Energy, Water, Fire, Heat, and Cooking, Food - Procuring, Storage and Preserving, Animals and Livestock, Construction Manuals And Building Plans and more.


Hebben? Handig voor op de Kindle. Of om de scherpte van je mes op te testen. :cool:

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kennis is macht. en kennis is overleven. daarom heb ik een klein boekje, maar wel ruim 900 badzijden met informatie over overleven. van het maken van vuur tot een duidelijk uitleg van planten in onze natuur.


het voordeel van dit boekje is heel simpel: het is klein, het is licht, het is uitgebreid.


ik heb niets tegen ipods, maar zeg nu eerlijk. een boekje kan tegen een stootje, een boekje hoef je niet op te laden en een boekje gaat niet kapot bij extremere temperaturen.

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