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Begin nu je eigen moestuin. Bekijk de zadenpakketten Op zoek naar waterfilters, messen, tools of lang houdbaar eten? Ga dan naar!
Er is een webinar in het English .

Online survival education:summer of survival

Er zijn heel veel lessen, je Moet je wel voor inschrijven,.breed aanbod en altijd belangrijk voor nederlanders ,het is gratis.

Er zijn 36 uren aan online cursus.breed aanbod.


Op welke site staan de webinais?

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update, het begint morgenavond:


Hi Fellow Prepper,


We’re excited to officially kick off Summer of Survival tomorrow night, but we’re starting the preparedness party early with a free bonus survival report.


I’ll tell you about that and give you the link to grab it in a moment, but first I wanted to share a bit about our first survival expert speaking tomorrow night.


Survivor Jane used to be a city ‘girly-girl’ who focused on little more than the next department store sale. But through a series of events culminating in a near-carjacking, she finally woke up to the fact the world around her wasn’t a bed of roses.


Besides her book, Where There Is No Cosmetic Counter, it’s Survivor Jane’s ability to relay all the key concepts of preparedness and survival in simple, plain English that has made her a household name in prepper circles.


Tomorrow night Survivor Jane will help you ensure you have all your basic preparedness needs covered… then will delve into a subject too-little considered by many preppers: hygiene. I don’t want to steal her thunder, but I have to say I’m really intrigued by one thing she’ll mentioned she’ll share tomorrow night… how she hasn’t used toilet paper in something like two years!


I know she still has some of those princess instincts, so this promises to be quite interesting. Plus, in a major crisis - even if you’ve stocked away a closet full of toilet paper - you may eventually run out and you’re still going to want to practice good hygiene.


Now as promised… I have a special bonus report for you today… but let me ask you: If you could only pick ONE antibiotic to stockpile, do you know which is the “best option”? According to Cynthia J. Koelker, MD (“Doc Cindy”), another one of our upcoming Summer of Survival experts, the answer is Yes!


You’ll learn all about treating infection on your own during Doc Cindy’s presentation on July 8th… but why not get started right away with your first line of defense against infection? In Stockpiling Antibiotics - Where to Begin, Doc Cindy quickly shares in layman’s terms the difference between different classes of antibiotics - and the one antibiotic she recommends preppers stock up on first because it’s effective against 80% of all infections. Plus, it’s dirt cheap!


You’ll find Stockpiling Antibiotics - Where to Begin in the Summer of Survival 2014 Complete Collection (I’ll send you more details on that later), but as my personal thank you for registering early for SOS we’re giving you a copy free!

Stockpiling Antibiotics:

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Over een kwartier gaat de volgende webinar online. Het betreft de webinar "urban survival- are you prepared?". leek mij een leuke '0' meting voor je eigen prepstatus.

Aangezien ik er al een aantal heb mogen bijwonen die me erg bevielen zet ik hier onder nog een keer de link, met de hoop dat er nog nachtbrakers online zijn die er iets aan hebben.



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