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  1. If you can't see that based on the picture, why bother asking for such info? Cal is 5.56 NATO, C7 / CA rifle variants.


    Oh, wait:


    Oh, second wait: Gun talk is strictly forbidden on this forum... so case closed.

    Do not be a troublemaker. Nazdrovje did not answer my question other than to show an image of several firearms. You need to read critically and carefully before you make comment or you embarrass yourself.
  2. @SoCal92057 If you want books, and i assume you're prepping PDF books (else it's gonna be quite the weight in your BOB), check the link in my signature, once you have that one, you wont be done reading for like ever. It's over 8000 items (PDF/images and video's) on about any subject existing, many of them are from the period you mentioned.
    Thank you for the link. My preparations for a SHTF event anticipates a breakdown of the electrical grid, therefore anything that requires electricity is not going to be functional. My residence is my BOL. It is remotely located, 5 miles down a dirt road and on a hilltop in the woods. My 30 years of prepping and life experience have me well situated to survive. My prepper resource library is composed of books.
  3. I prepped the 60 by 20'' Dick extender, just in case. But back on topic. Why the girlscout book?
    Lots of good woodcraft information in the book. Today people go to the woods and pop open a tent and a few other things and it is like being in the backyard of your house. Years ago, being outdoors for a camping trip took skill. The Girl Scout book and the Boy Scout book have loads of tips and tricks about outdoor survival.
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  4. I have been prepping since before it had the name. I believe during an extended SHTF scenario, we will be mostly on our own. Therefore, I have assembled a library of books containing very useful how-to information. Interestingly, some of the best information has come from books that were published during the late 19th or early 20th century. Skill sets that today are almost lost, were fairly common back then. To this end, I am publishing the names of a few books from my prepper library. I suggest that each of you post the names of books that are a part of your prepper library. Perhaps others will be guided by what we post. Many of the old books are available in reprints. I’ll begin with just a few;


    The Book of Woodcraft

    Ernest T. Seton

    Country Life Press



    Dzierzon’s Rational Bee-Keeping

    Dr. Dzierzon

    Houlston & Sons



    Boy Scouts of America

    Merit Badge Series

    (The are many subjects to select from.)



    Department of the Army

    FM 21-76

    October 1970


    Camping and Woodcraft

    By Horace Kephart

    McMillan Company



    Dzierzon’s Rational Bee-Keeping

    Dr. Dzierzon

    Houlston & Sons



    Girl Scout Handbook

    The Girl Scouts


  5. Given the issues of the availability of food, shelter, safety, and on and on, I would stay where I was unless there was no choice. Better to organize the neighbors before SHTF to help one another. Where ever your BOL is, you will not be welcome by those around you as you will be an outsider. Only if it is family could you expect better. There are no absolutes in this but generally that will be the situation.

  6. Lets get back to the here and now;


    "Despite the infamous history of the Vietnam War, Vietnam today is one of the most pro-American countries in Asia,[1][2][3] with 71% of Vietnamese people viewing the U.S. favorably in 2002.[4]"




    It might also take some time, but in the end Vladimir and SoCal are also going to be friends.

    And also moving towards a free market economy while many European countries long ago became socialist. Ho is dead and so are his ideas.
  7. If you knew anything about Vietnamese history then you'll know that the US brought that conflict upon themselves, they could have had a close friend in Ho Chi Minh after WW II but instead they choose to back the French and later their puppet dictators in Vietnam as well as Cambodia.

    Backing Ho would have meant an independent and democratic Vietnam based on national identity, now he had to turn to the Russian for help.


    You have to hand it to the Vietnamese though, beating the French, Americans and Chinese in consecutive wars is no small feat.

    What, no response about the communist leader in North Korea that you don't like. Only the one in North Vietnam that you did like. The face of communism is deceptive and deceiving. First South Vietnam and then my country is loaded with refugees who fled from North Vietnam at the time of partition and then from Ho's forces when the South fell. People vote with their feet. I direct your attention to the immigration numbers of people leaving your country to come to the US. I posted them a few moments ago.
  8. As a Dutchman on an American preppers site, you would recieve a warm welcome....


    Do not be concerned. They do not know enough to realize what they are doing to themselves. Your friendship and the many others who have sent to me private and public communications is proof of the general kindness of your people. Besides, you know U.S. Marines like a good brawl. This is nothing.
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