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Welkom mede-preppers, zoals jullie zien is het forum na 4 jaar weer online. Tijd voor een feestje! Je kunt met je oude gebruikersnaam en wachtwoord inloggen. Als dit is gelukt, pas dan gelijk je e-mailadres aan. Deze klopt namelijk niet meer omdat we die 4 jaar geleden hebben verwijderd.

Weet je je wachtwoord niet meer? Dan kan je de wachtwoord vergeten functie NIET gebruiken, omdat we je e-mailadres dus niet meer hebben. Mail in dat geval naar en noem je gebruikersnaam en voeg een notificatiemail bij van het oude forum als je die nog hebt.

Mocht je echt niks hebben mail ons dan sowieso je gebruikersnaam, we zullen je dan verdere instructies geven!


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  1. You should not engage in a battle of words with someone who is more capable than you. I will let your juvenile comment pass.
  2. Do not be a troublemaker. Nazdrovje did not answer my question other than to show an image of several firearms. You need to read critically and carefully before you make comment or you embarrass yourself.
  3. Thank you for the link. My preparations for a SHTF event anticipates a breakdown of the electrical grid, therefore anything that requires electricity is not going to be functional. My residence is my BOL. It is remotely located, 5 miles down a dirt road and on a hilltop in the woods. My 30 years of prepping and life experience have me well situated to survive. My prepper resource library is composed of books.
  4. Lots of good woodcraft information in the book. Today people go to the woods and pop open a tent and a few other things and it is like being in the backyard of your house. Years ago, being outdoors for a camping trip took skill. The Girl Scout book and the Boy Scout book have loads of tips and tricks about outdoor survival.
  5. I will add Dick's book to the list. Dick, what is the name of your survival book?
  6. I knew someone would list Playboy. I thought it would be JB.
  7. I have been prepping since before it had the name. I believe during an extended SHTF scenario, we will be mostly on our own. Therefore, I have assembled a library of books containing very useful how-to information. Interestingly, some of the best information has come from books that were published during the late 19th or early 20th century. Skill sets that today are almost lost, were fairly common back then. To this end, I am publishing the names of a few books from my prepper library. I suggest that each of you post the names of books that are a part of your prepper library. Perhaps others wi
  8. Much of Europe objects to the current location of national boundaries.
  9. What are the different issues? The greatest positive may be inaccessibility but I have to believe that in your country there are plenty of boats.
  10. Given the issues of the availability of food, shelter, safety, and on and on, I would stay where I was unless there was no choice. Better to organize the neighbors before SHTF to help one another. Where ever your BOL is, you will not be welcome by those around you as you will be an outsider. Only if it is family could you expect better. There are no absolutes in this but generally that will be the situation.
  11. Good morning here, but now good afternoon to you where you are..
  12. Is there a resignation about life in your country and almost a hopelessness about the future. Any comments from anyone?
  13. Does not matter. The result is the same. Only 2233 here. The evening is young.
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