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Welkom mede-preppers, zoals jullie zien is het forum na 4 jaar weer online. Tijd voor een feestje! Je kunt met je oude gebruikersnaam en wachtwoord inloggen. Als dit is gelukt, pas dan gelijk je e-mailadres aan. Deze klopt namelijk niet meer omdat we die 4 jaar geleden hebben verwijderd.

Weet je je wachtwoord niet meer? Dan kan je de wachtwoord vergeten functie NIET gebruiken, omdat we je e-mailadres dus niet meer hebben. Mail in dat geval naar en noem je gebruikersnaam en voeg een notificatiemail bij van het oude forum als je die nog hebt.

Mocht je echt niks hebben mail ons dan sowieso je gebruikersnaam, we zullen je dan verdere instructies geven!


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  1. Hello and greetings from Austria, thanks a lot for your answers. They helped a lot. So we know how to handle trolls. We banned one and now it is really "quiet". My team (including me) is new in the "forum business". So we don't really know what's right or wrong. But what we do is: our desicions must have at least a 75% majority. And this is good. We also say to the media people (e.g. radio, newspapers) or so, that they should read the forum and participate on the discussions. But they don't do this. All the best and thanks again for your help, Hannes
  2. Hy folks, we are still growing. We have more than 5000 visits / day. Our number of members is also still growing. Unfortunately we had or have trolls. Sorry, I don't know the correct word in dutch, but here's the entry on the Wikipedia Page: Do you also have trolls here? And how do you handle them? Ban? Let they write? We are not sure how to identify them and how to handle them. They questions the asked could also be naive, stupid beginner questions. Second: We got some querys from several media companies (film, magazines, radio,
  3. Thanks for the wishes. Yes, our forum grows and we have a small but active community.
  4. Hy, our forum is growing. The software hoster has a top 500 ranking of its forums. And our forum is approx. 6 months old and is on rank 214! We have approx. 2500 visits per day!
  5. Good morning, I talked to the manufacturer. The prize for one patch (same size and background as Zippos patch) would be approx 4 - 5 € (ex. vat) and a service fee accourding due the design of the logo and so on. Regards, Hannes
  6. Good morning, so, your forum wanna have also patches? I'm not the designer or the manufacturer, but I have the contact. I'll ask him for the prices. We keep in contact! Regards, Hannes
  7. Yes, if you want one. We're calculating the prize. It would be around 9,- € for one patch. There will be discounts if you take more of them. The postage will be 1,40 €.
  8. Good morning, we have new patches. You can find them here:
  9. Thats true. Due the absence of the admin (since more than 1,5 years) the quality decreased and some other things went wrong. There was no possibility to perform changes in the database, there where some trolls, ... So is more or less history, is more or less the future.
  10. Hy, sorry for the unclear question. I don't want to copy the hole threads, just the title. E.g. "what do to for a better world" and see what the austrian people write. We don't have such a thread, and I want to add this title. So maybe the issue is now clearer.
  11. OK, thanks a lot. We have still have a thread "What have I done for prepping today".
  12. Thank your for the positive response. Is it OK or legal to copy the topics of some themes to our austrian forum?
  13. Hello, I'm the one who runs the new austrian forum. Unfortunately I don't understand any Dutch. So which language do you prefer? German or english? The austrian forum is new, so have a look on it. I'm glad if you have feedback for me and my folks. Whats good on the forum? Which parts could be better? If you have any questions, don't hasitate to ask me. Thanks in advice, Hannes
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