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Welkom mede-preppers, zoals jullie zien is het forum na 4 jaar weer online. Tijd voor een feestje! Je kunt met je oude gebruikersnaam en wachtwoord inloggen. Als dit is gelukt, pas dan gelijk je e-mailadres aan. Deze klopt namelijk niet meer omdat we die 4 jaar geleden hebben verwijderd.

Weet je je wachtwoord niet meer? Dan kan je de wachtwoord vergeten functie NIET gebruiken, omdat we je e-mailadres dus niet meer hebben. Mail in dat geval naar en noem je gebruikersnaam en voeg een notificatiemail bij van het oude forum als je die nog hebt.

Mocht je echt niks hebben mail ons dan sowieso je gebruikersnaam, we zullen je dan verdere instructies geven!

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  1. Forum Rules Welcome to To keep this forum sociable and educational we have a few rules everyone needs to follow. Welcome. To start, if you haven't done so already, we would like to encourage you to register on After all we are the biggest prepper community in The Netherlands. Also we'd like you to visit the introduction section and tell us a little about yourself. To register go here. To make your introduction go here. Links used to exemplify rules unfortunately will be in Dutch. Feel free to use Google Translate to be able to make sense of them or ask a moderator for clarification. Posting in the right section Try to post new topics and reactions in the right section as much as possible. This way the forum will stay clear and transparent. Also, posting in the right section ensures you will get a correct answer to any questions faster. Treat others with respect and try to keep on topic as much as you can, even if some people may treat you stupidly and without respect. Them doing so doesn't give you the right to behave in the same way. If you feel someone is breaking the forum rules or is insulting you in any way use the report function or send an email to 'support(at)preppers(dot)nl'. Moderators will then take appropriate action varying from a warning, a temporary ban or up to permanent removal from the site. Quoting internet content The boundaries between quoting and violating copy right is unfortunately rather vague. Some have prompted to set the rules of this forum as follows: You are allowed to quote up to the one paragraph of the original article. Also, a deep link to the article has to be included. Tip: It's always better to place a link to the original source and describe what you are posting in your own words. But a combination of a partial quotation (limited to one paragraph) and summarizing the rest is also ok. In case of suspected violation moderators may shorten quotations. Copyright (pictures and articles) Users, moderators and administrators are not allowed to place pictures or articles on the forum that are under copyright. Before posting make sure you have permission of the copyright holders, or that there isn't any copyright on the material being posted. When in doubt do not post. There is a lot of unclarity on the internet concerning copyrights on pictures and written material. Here is an article on use of copyrighted photo's on forums. Language When posting make sure to use correct grammar and spelling. This improves the accessibility of the forum and gives you a better chance on interesting responses. Religion We don't want any discussions on religion. Earlier experiences and complaints from users have proved it not to be a useful addition to the forum. We want everyone here to be treated with respect, whether you are in some form or other religious or not at all. Discontinuing your account. Users are able to have their account removed on request by an administrator. The posts on the forum will remain, the profile of the user who made them will be deleted. Legal matters Anyone who breaks the law, makes statements that are discriminating or are violating Dutch Law (Article 46 of the Dutch Criminal Code) are subject to removal from the site. It is not allowed to offer or request stolen and/or otherwise illegally obtained material or objects. It is not allowed to refer to websites where above materials or objects are on offer. --------------- Weapons wants to offer preppers and other people interested in being self-reliant a virtual meeting place with a positive attitude. We feel the interest of preppers is not served by discussions on the use of firearms or other objects, from which the manner of the objects being discussed can be inferred that they are meant or designed to inflict harm on other people. These discussions will not be allowed on the site. We emphatically ask you to be understanding concerning this and not to try to find a loophole in a rule that is hard to keep watertight. Discussing about how to chop down a tree using an axe is fine. Remarks on how a hatchet is best used to split the head of an intruder is not. This is not because we are soft tree-huggers, remember the 'outside world' is looking over our shoulders and discussions like this can give you and other preppers exactly the negative attention we don't want. The internet has plenty of places to discuss matters like that so if you must we ask you do this elsewhere. Additional explanation on the discussion of weapons on The weapons dilemma: We do not talk about weaponry on We used to, don't get us wrong. We had a complete sub-forum about them. Let us say it was loud and ugly. Due to persisting complaints we have decided to discontinue that sub-forum. The problem is this: Fed by, mainly American, mainstream media and many video's on YouTube preppers are mainly associated with trigger-happy cowboys and freedom fighters who own more bullets then they have food. This is far from the image we here on want to project on Dutch and Belgian preppers. Of course safety and protection of life and limb is an important part of the considerations of many preppers. After all you spent years preparing for an eventual emergency situation and you're not waiting for some idiot to come and take all your supplies from you. But the chance of someone trying is very real and you will want to prevent that from happening. How you do that is your own business. There are plenty of places on the internet to discuss the how's and why's of defense but due to Dutch legislation this forum is not one of them. 'So why not just avoid talking about firearms? After all that's the big no-no in The Netherlands.' Well, Dutch law states that it is forbidden for civilians to have weapons on hand with the intention of inflicting harm on others. You can only own them for either hunting or to practice target shooting in a controlled and legal environment. To own a firearm you need a license. You are also forbidden from using license free weapons (swords, tomahawks for example) against other individuals. 'But we can still just talk about it right? ' Yes you can, just not here. 'But if there is chaos on the streets and the end of the world as we know it is upon us those rules no longer exist right? What about survival of the fittest?' That may all be very true, but at the moment we are typing this those laws do exist, and we are not going to break them. Also, it is our opinion that if you happen to own a firearm legally it is in your own interest to keep that information to yourself, thus keeping your OPSEC intact. Should you have further questions, complaints or remarks, or the need for further discussion about whether to talk about weapons on we invite you to write a agonizingly long email to 'support(at)preppers(dot)nl'. We won't read it, but at least you'll have gotten it off your chest. -------------- PM (Personal Message) This website has the functionality, as many forums do, to privately connect to other forum members via a pm. Personal Messages are private and you are therefore forbidden to disclose the contents thereof on our forum. Trolling and disruptive behavior. Making deliberate attempts to upset people or to elicit angry responses with the object of derailing a topic or to pick a fight with someone or to simply ruin the mood on the forum is not allowed. One of the most important functions of this forum is to have a nice comfortable atmosphere in which to impart or pick up knowledge, skills and information. Users are expected to treat each other with respect and dignity. Trolling and/or attempts to ruin that atmosphere will not be tolerated. Privacy Naturally we do our very best to preserve the privacy of our members. However we cannot guarantee this completely. It is in the very the nature of the internet to make you leave many traces you're unaware of. So we urge you to be very careful and reserved in divulging any information about yourself. Members that undertake actions aimed at finding out information about others that is not given voluntarily, like placing invisible to trace ip addresses will be banned immediately. Fake topics One of our functions is to alert our members as quickly as possible should some incident occur that might threaten the safety of the prepper community or others. This is why the placing of fake topics is absolutely forbidden. Not only can such an attempt at humor cause serious distress, it can also cause the 'the boy that cried wolf' effect so that later, an actual warning will not be taken seriously. The topic starter If you start a topic you are the TS. You will be responsible for how the thread develops. If you are the TS of a topic you have a certain responsibility to it and are allowed to ask people to keep on topic and/or correct them if they do not. Naturally moderators will act where needed. As a TS you can always contact a moderator for advice or help. There are no consequences if your topic derails out of your control but we wanted to point this out because it helps keep the forum comprehensive and transparent so you can find the information you are searching for. Only one account per member is allowed Every member can have only 1 account on Should you for some reason have more than one please mail support so we can remove the one you don't need. Anonymous proxies and vpn's are not allowed to create accounts or to post on the forum The past has taught us there are people who think they can use an anonymous proxy to troll or place unwanted information on the forum. Unfortunately this has made us decide not to allow this functionality in any way using this forum. These rules are subject to occasional change. If something important changes we will tell you so below so please revisit this page from time to time. We wish you a good time on Thanks to user @phaelin who did the translation from Dutch into English.
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