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Financiele crash datum bekend, koop goud en zilver


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Voor wat het waard is de nieuwste berichten uit de VS


Alert From International Banker-This Is Huge

June 11, 2012




Steve tell your listeners to ignore ETFs and continue buying Physical SILVER and GOLD no matter what "spot price" is. Please tell them to take cash out NOW!!!! Only keep in bank what you can afford to lose and what you need to pay bills and expenses. Please tell them to get money out NOW!!! They have till December the latest to do so. Be mindful it CAN HAPPEN SOONER. Prices of Metals without manipulation $1000 SILVER $5000 GOLD---Steve Great show Im listening to you right now.


Here is the latest truth on Spain. The bailout already happened by stealth from very reliable sources. My sources are never wrong. The Bank holiday is going to spill over to Spain, Portugal and France. The Flight to safe harbor now is the UK. From there you will see flights to the US dollar. The main players have moved to Gold. Watch for another shock to SLV and GLD market. This will cause shaky uncommitted hands to dump more SLV and GLD physical. ETF markets will take massive hit.


Germany will start to have massive upheaval as their banks Duetche Bank in particular is over exposed to Spanish Flue, solvency crunch will hit Germany, look for Germans to go mad over the fact they can not have access to their funds.


Evolving..... Dollar only rises with IR Swaps and flight to "safe currency" once dirivative market bursts all of this goes parabolic high velocity crash. This is due to the fact that the dollar is exposed as WORTHLESS due to the overleveraged CDS exposure.Very little SILVER left to be mined. It is a precious and Strategic metal. SILVER will be less plentiful than GOLD.Steve Russian economy willl suffer greatly due to EuroCollapse. This is due to the dependency that the Russian economy has with Euro zone energy exports. (GAZPROM) Greek crisis has hurt Russian Natural Gas exports.


Russians are angry at Eurocrats due to their inability to fix the crisis. They are blaming the whole entire western banking system for the recent decline of the Ruble. Steve some of the investors that lost big in Iceland were the Russians and guess what? They are vested in Greece as well. Take to account this along side with recent NATO aggression does not work to help this particular situation.Steve remember Deutsche Bank is #2 only to PNB Paribas the French Banking Giant. The kicker here is that both of their derivative exposure combined is over $125 Trillion!!! You have to be solvent in order to be liquid. This is a solvency crisis. The average joe on the street is duped into thinking it's liquidity. There is no liquidity.Chinese will back Yuan with Gold. They are stealth dumping US Tbonds. Have not been in any major bond auctions for the last year or so. Will form new banking/ trade system with BRICS---Morgan Stanley is next Lehman bros due to Facebook and Euro exposure. Close all equity accounts and exit markets now. V



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