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Probably the most famous secret gold stash is the "Nazi Gold" that was confiscated from Hitler after WW2. Hitler plundered many European nations of their gold as well as countless individuals. Nobody knows the actual figures but estimates are in the 2,000-50,000 ton range much of which has been used secretly by the military industrial complex and banking cabal to fund their dirty operations. Information and theories on what happened to the Nazi Gold can be found all over the internet...some sites present clearly fanciful theories but others are loaded with facts, figures and motives that are very believable.


Another golden stash of even greater volume is Yamashita's Gold that was plundered by the Japanese for decades from conquered Asian countries. In order to hide the gold from the US it was hidden in caves in the Philippines but the US found the gold and it has been using it to fund covert operations ever since. This secret gold stash is claimed to be in the 100,000-300,000+ ton range but again nobody really knows. The Sterling and Peggy Seagrave book Gold Warriors gives a detailed account of this gigantic treasure. They also have mountains of documentation backing up their claims of the existence of this secret gold stash and the ramifications are stunning.


Imagine the implications if this secret gold stash was ever to be made "officially" public. The price of gold would likely crash (although only briefly) and then, once the world understood the reasoning behind hiding this treasure, every country and investor in the world would try to get their hands on some gold. In the aftermath of the market chaos the world would want answers as to where the gold was sold, who got the money, who covered it up, who has it now, who does the gold legally belong to and why is gold so important. All are very, very good questions but the answers would implicate some of the most powerful people in the world. The covert use of Yamashita's gold has changed the world in the last 70 years and when disclosed to the public it will change it again.


A third is the rumored Chinese Imperial Gold that Benjamin Fulford has claimed to have knowledge of. This treasure is so vast that Fulford's contacts has put the total of above ground physical gold in the world closer to 1,000,000 tons instead of the official number of 160,000 tons. The basic fact is that Eastern countries have coveted gold for centuries and it makes sense that most of the gold ever mined in the world is located somewhere in Asia. Even today, India imports around 33% of all the gold mined in the world and have been the largest gold importer for years.


Maybe the largest unknown store of physical gold in the world is the Vatican Gold. For nearly two thousand years the church has been hoarding gold gained from wars and conquests in the name of God. Throughout the ages people have been shoveling vast amounts of gold into the collection trays every Sunday. The Vatican gold hoard is a closely guarded secret but I believe that it may be the largest collection in history if you take into account all the gold used in the artwork, crosses, trinkets, coins and cups owned by the church. The Vatican is all about privacy, secrecy and power and I guarantee you they know the true value of gold.


These are just some of the above ground Secret Gold Stashes that may be out there. When I add it all up and do some "conspiratorial guess work" I come up with a vast store of gold in the neighborhood of 1.5M tons of above ground gold or 10x the gold supply "accepted" in the mainstream gold markets.


Of course this may be very far off...both to the upside or the downside. The point is that the "Accepted" above ground gold numbers are completely dismissing the vast hoards of secret gold that are both rumored to be circulating and/or are very well documented as fact.


Dispute it all you want…the truth is that YOU DON'T KNOW EITHER!"



Bedoel je het bovenstaande -die van de Nazi's kende ik wel, die Aziatische hoeveelheid goud niet- of puur de vraag in het artikel; zijn de CB's hun goud aan het verkopen?

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@Keyser Suze,


Ik vind dat mooie ideeen voor een spannend boek er zal gerust een kern van waarheid in zitten. Er zal ook redelijk wat goud op de bodem van diverse meren liggen. Ik denk echter niet dat dit een grote rol op de markt zal spelen aangezien het geheim meer waarde lijkt te hebben. Ik vond onderstaande quote een goede counter op deze post


This idea that there is one (or more!) "secret" stashes of 100,000 tons of gold floating around is so ludicrous, it is difficult to know where to start to show the fallacy and absurdity of it. But just let me start with the question: where did all that gold come from?


Gold is (mostly) not just found in nuggets lying conveniently around, it has to be mined, at great labor and expense, particularly at great expense of energy. Most people have utterly no conception of the HUGE advances in gold mining and extraction that have occurred within the last 100 years, and even within the last 30 years (cyanide heap leaching, for example, which has doubled and tripled annual gold production just since the 1970s). Prior to the Industrial Revolution, the amount of gold extracted annually on a global basis was only a minute fraction of what it is today --- maybe one-hundreth the amount. So in order to mine 100,000 tons of gold (and remember, this is in ADDITION to that which is generally acknowledged), 4000 years would have been required to amass this 100,000 tons of gold.


Furthermore, there is simply no way that such a vast additional quantity of gold could have been kept hidden for literally millenia -- and what motivation would anyone have had for doing so in the first place? Remember, gold is, and most especially WAS, money, and both people and governments have a habit of NOT sitting on vast amounts of stagnant money, particularly over centuries. But even granting, hypothetically, that such a vast golden fortune had been amassed, does anyone really think that it would have been kept intact both during and in the aftermath of WWII --- or that its disbursement would NOT have radically impacted world gold markets for the worse? Gold would be $35 an ounce, or less, in TODAY'S dollars if this much gold were in existence.


En beterschap gewenst.



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Mmmm.....ik zal een voorbeeld geven van een 'verborgen' schat. Niemand weet 'de waarheid' hierover. Google eens op kruisridders, schat van Salomon, Jeruzalem, Godfried vanBouillon, vrijdag.13 oktober. En vertel me dan met zekerheid of ze nou wel of niet de schat onder de tempel hebben ieder geval gingen de kruisridders straatarm naar het beloofde land en bij terugkomst kochten ze half Frankrijk op en bouwden driehonderd kastelen.

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