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Bye-Bye Syria: The Globalist Destruction of a Nation State


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Bye-Bye Syria: The Globalist Destruction of a Nation State




With all the rhetoric and talk of democratic reform in Syria, the Syrian opposition’s message is now clear: “No negotiations. We want power now.” Sounds more like a radical dictatorship in the making. Yet, this is the very opposition being backed by the western powers led by Hillary Clinton and her ‘Friends of Syria’ steering group, an opposition that is currently killing, burning, and looting their way through to Damascus, with Syria looking more and more likely to eventually go the way of Libya.


In similar fashion to the French Mandate of Syria in 1921, western power brokers will aim to divide Syria along both ethnic and religious lines. The Assad regime has managed over the decades to maintain relative ethnic and religious harmony between Sunnis, Shi’ites, Alawites, Druze, Christians, and even Jews (there are currently some 1,200 Jews in Damascus and are traditionally protected from persecution by Syria’s ruling government) in Syria.

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